Tragic Car Crash Leaves Somali Community in Deep Mourning as Five Young Women Perish on Lake Street

Tragic Car Crash Leaves Somali Community In Deep Mourning As Five Young Women Perish On Lake Street

By Mary McGuire
Monday June 19, 2023

The occurrence that transpired during a supposedly brief voyage aimed at making arrangements for a close associate’s nuptials has morphed into an indescribable calamity. A group of five females from the local Somali community experienced a ghastly automobile collision on Friday, which led to their untimely demise. The driver of the other vehicle, purportedly under the influence, is responsible for this tragic incident, casting their families and comrades into an unfathomable state of disbelief.

The identities of the victims bear the names Sahra Gesaade, Salma Abdikadir, Segal Hersey, Siham Adam, and Sabiriin Ali; youthful individuals aged 20, 20, 19, 19, and 17, respectively. These young ladies met their unfortunate demise as a result of a flagrant disregard for traffic regulations when the suspected impaired driver sped through a red light and violently collided with their car in the vicinity of Interstate 35W and Lake Street.

At approximately 10 p.m. on Friday evening, this wretched incident unfolded. A state trooper noticed a vehicle hurtling northbound towards the Lake Street Transit Center along I-35.

The trooper pursued the aforementioned vehicle without initiating the deployment of their emergency lights or sirens. It was during this period that the adult male operator of the vehicle suddenly veered away from the highway and recklessly disregarded a red traffic signal, ultimately resulting in the catastrophic crash involving the five young women. Subsequently, the driver endeavored to flee the scene but was apprehended by law enforcement officers from the Minneapolis Police Department with the invaluable aid of eyewitnesses.

The officials from the Dar al Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington have conveyed to FOX 9 News that these women held instrumental roles within their religious community, frequently devoting their time and efforts to volunteer work and tending to matters at the mosque. In light of this sudden and devastating loss, the center has decided to open its doors to members over the weekend, providing them with a space to mourn and endeavor to comprehend the incomprehensible nature of this tragedy.