Three individuals from Somalia apprehended in Machakos for possessing illegal merchandise.

Three Individuals From Somalia Apprehended In Machakos For Possessing Illegal Merchandise.

Friday September 8, 2023

Three individuals of Somali descent were apprehended on Thursday in Machakos for their involvement in a military truck smuggling illegal goods. The interception took place at a roadblock in the Kivandini area along the Garissa-Thika highway, where vigilant security officers detected the suspicious vehicle.

According to a police report filed at the Matuu police station in Yatta, a collaborative effort between officers from Kanyonyo successfully raised an alarm, prompting immediate action in the area. A thorough search of the truck led to the discovery of 290 bags of sugar, each weighing 50 kilos, as well as 100 cartons containing 16 cans of milk weighing two and a half kilos per can.

The trio of aliens was subsequently taken into custody at the Matuu police station, where they will remain until the investigation concludes. Alongside them, the truck’s driver and co-driver, both from the transport pool section, were also apprehended.

Preliminary findings from the ongoing investigation indicate that the aliens intended to transport the smuggled goods from Somalia into Nairobi. Specifically, they were heading to Eastleigh, a district in Nairobi known for its bustling business activities.

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