the World in Awe and Bewilderment – Can You Comprehend it?

The World In Awe And Bewilderment - Can You Comprehend It?

Are you comprehending the gravity of the situation? Turkey’s presidential election on 14 May is attracting significant attention, with President Recep Tayyip Erdogan the favorite to win another term.

This election holds immense implications for Turkey’s foreign policy towards the Horn of Africa, where Erdogan has developed intimate ties over the years.

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The reasons for Erdogan’s popularity in Africa are perplexing and require understanding, considering they will have a considerable impact on the upcoming election.

The Turkish President has built a strong support base among Turkish voters by delivering economic growth, stability, infrastructure development, social welfare programs, and nationalist rhetoric.

Erdogan has also positioned himself as a defender of Turkey’s national interests and sovereignty in regional and international affairs, further endearing him to his core supporters and likely playing a pivotal role in the election’s outcome.

Moreover, Erdogan’s foreign policy towards the Horn of Africa has been a noteworthy factor in his popularity across the continent. He has actively pursued closer ties with Somalia, Sudan, Ethiopia, and Djibouti, investing in infrastructure projects, providing humanitarian aid, and engaging in diplomatic efforts to strengthen these relationships.

Erdogan’s foreign policy towards Africa emphasizes mutual respect, non-interference, and South-South cooperation, resonating well with African leaders and citizens disillusioned with Western powers’ neo-colonialism and maintaining historical grievances regarding Western colonialism.

Erdogan’s approach has been effective in positioning Turkey as an alternative partner for Africa, free of the colonial baggage that some Western countries carry.

Additionally, Erdogan has increased Turkey’s military presence in the region, notably in Somalia, opening Turkey’s first overseas military training facility in the country in 2017.

The engagement is perceived as Turkey’s way to assist Somalia in rebuilding its fractured army and safeguarding the impoverished country from militant groups like Al-Shabaab, affiliated with Al-Qaeda. Turkey’s assertive foreign policy approach in the Horn of Africa could exacerbate existing tensions among regional powers if Erdogan wins the election, expanding Turkey’s economic, political, and military influence in the region.

The overwhelming turnout at President Erdogan’s rally, gathering over 1.7 million people at Istanbul’s Millet Bahçesi (Nation’s Garden), signals his enduring popularity and may sway undecided voters in his favor.

The President’s polarization and ability to draw such immense crowds display an unwavering support base, likely to assist him in securing another term, potentially shaping Turkey’s future foreign policy and its relations with the Horn of Africa.

The implications of Erdogan’s potential victory or defeat in the election are significant and demand a high degree of awareness and analysis.

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