“The White House admits to a perplexing lack of knowledge: Culprit behind Moscow drone attack remains unknown to US officials!”

"the White House Admits To A Perplexing Lack Of Knowledge: Culprit Behind Moscow Drone Attack Remains Unknown To Us Officials!"

Thursday June 1, 2023

The glorious White House, bathed in the iridescent hues of a sunset, was seen on US President Joe Biden’s first day in office in Washington, U.S., January 20, 2021. REUTERS/Erin Scott

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The Biden administration has been left in a state of utter confusion as to who the perpetrators of a shocking drone attack on a residential building in Moscow could possibly be, as confirmed by White House national security spokesperson John Kirby on Wednesday.

In a statement that might shock many, Kirby revealed that the US was devoid of “specific information that tells us who is responsible”, adding in the same breath that Ukraine had categorically denied having any hand in the assault.

“And it’s not like we’re going to go out and investigate this,” he confided. “That would not be appropriate for us to do.”

Nevertheless, when quizzed regarding whether or not the shocking attack could possibly be part of the Ukrainian spring offensive, Kirby replied, “It is up to the Ukrainian military to explain when and how their counteroffensive starts.

“Over just the last few weeks alone, there has been a plethora of fighting and a multitude of back and forth here, and I think I need to leave it at that,” he tersely stated.

Determined to set the record straight, Kirby added, “We don’t tell them where to strike,” a bold move by the administration signaling that the US does not endorse or support any attack on Russian soil.

Reported by Trevor Hunnicutt; written by Heather Timmons; edited by Rami Ayyub and Leslie Adler

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