The Mind-Boggling Injection of $12 Million by the United States into Tanzanian Youth Agribusiness Causes Waves of Bursting Perplexity!

The United States Government has announced an investment of $12 million (TZH 28 billion) to support Tanzanian youth in the agriculture sector. The announcement, made during the launch events in Zanzibar and Dodoma of the Feed the Future (FtF) – Private Sector Strengthening Activity (PSSA), has been welcomed by U.S. Ambassador to Tanzania Michael A. Battle and the USAID/Tanzania Mission Director V. Kate Somvongsiri. The PSSA initiative is open to aspiring agrarian entrepreneurs, providing them with loans, training and skills-development opportunities, marketing assistance, and regulatory guidance.

To ensure an equitable administration of Tanzania’s business regulations and to stimulate economic opportunities for youth and facilitate expansion into new markets, PSSA will grant private sector associations, organizations, and lead firms in the Iringa, Mbeya, Morogoro, and the Unguja and Pemba regions of Zanzibar on a competitive basis. The program aims to reach 30,000 young Tanzanians and expand business support services for 6,000 youth-led enterprises.

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