The Challenge of Finalizing Somalia’s Constitution Amid Regional Tensions Discussed in Parliament

The Challenge Of Finalizing Somalia's Constitution Amid Regional Tensions Discussed In Parliament

Somali Parliament Grapples with Finalizing Constitution Amid Regional Tensions

In a meeting held on Monday, the Somali Parliament convened to address the finalization of the country’s constitution. However, the session was overshadowed by deep divisions among Members of Parliament (MPs), particularly regarding the northern regions of Northern Somalia.

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The absence of Northern Somalia from the constitutional discussions became a point of contention. Several MPs argued that the constitution should not be debated or finalized without the participation of Northern Somalia representatives. Complicating matters, there was no consensus among parliamentarians on how to define these northern regions. Some MPs opposed explicitly mentioning “Northern Somalia” in the constitution, claiming that there is no universally accepted definition for these areas.

Recent conflicts in the Sool region have further strained relations among MPs, especially those representing Northern Somalia and Puntland. These clashes have added another layer of complexity to the already contentious constitutional discussions. MPs from Puntland expressed concern about President Saeed Deni’s absence from the National Consultative Council meetings where the constitution was being reviewed. They argued that this absence effectively excludes Puntland from being consulted on constitutional matters.

Notably, President Saeed Deni recently stated that Puntland would not participate in discussions regarding the completion of the constitution unless Northern Somalia is involved. These disagreements among MPs reflect wider regional and political tensions that remain unresolved. As the Somali Parliament continues to grapple with these issues, achieving a finalized constitution has become increasingly elusive. This highlights the challenges of governance in a nation characterized by regional disparities and ongoing conflict.


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