Terrorist Attack on Security Checkpoint in Lower Shabelle Region Perpetrated by Al Shabab Militants


Mogadishu witnessed a disturbing incident on Sunday evening as al-Shabab militants launched a vicious assault on a security checkpoint in the Yaqbari Weyne district of the Lower Shabelle region. The initial strike involved a suicide car bombing, followed by a fierce exchange of gunfire. Reports suggest that there may be multiple casualties resulting from this harrowing attack.

Dahir Amin Jesow, a federal lawmaker who was present with the targeted army, bravely shared that the government forces, along with local militia, managed to eliminate a number of militants during the confrontation. “We decisively defended ourselves against the Khawarij terrorists who initiated the assault. We struck a significant blow and now possess the bodies of these militants, which we intend to present to the media,” MP Jesoow proclaimed.

Acknowledging the unfortunate reality, the lawmaker also revealed that the local army sustained losses in the engagement. The wounded soldiers were promptly transferred to the Danab army camp situated at Baledogle Airfield, where they received necessary medical attention.

In a distressing sequence of events, this attack occurred just a day after the Somali National Army (SNA) successfully thwarted an attempted suicide car bombing at a military base in the Bari-ujeed area of central Somalia. Farah Abdi Moalim, the Guriel District Commissioner, informed the press that the armed forces valiantly fought and overcame al-Shabab militants in an intense battle, sacrificing the lives of five brave soldiers in the process.