Ten Hag criticizes Man Utd players’ lack of effort in Spurs loss

Ten Hag Criticizes Man Utd Players' Lack Of Effort In Spurs Loss

Erik ten Hag issued a strong message to the Manchester United players, emphasizing their need to take responsibility for their lackluster performance in their defeat against Tottenham. The coach was infuriated by their failure to match Tottenham’s high-tempo play in the second half of the match. This was the second consecutive underwhelming display from the team, following their fortunate 1-0 victory over Wolves in the season opener.

Ten Hag made it clear that the issues were not limited to the midfield, as both the defense and the attack were at fault. He criticized their lack of running and their untimely runs, particularly from the forwards who failed to recover. While he acknowledged that such a performance cannot be reversed, he stressed that it is imperative for Manchester United’s success that players give their all.

The coach pointed out that the team’s performance was exceptional in the first 35 minutes, during which they dominated the game and should have scored at least two goals. However, they lost focus and failed to fulfill their responsibilities on the field. Ten Hag expressed his disappointment, as this level of performance is not something he expects from his team. He emphasized that Manchester United demands a consistent 90-minute effort in every game.

Looking ahead, Ten Hag demanded a bounce-back performance from his players in the upcoming match against Nottingham Forest at Old Trafford. He emphasized the importance of teamwork and collective effort, stressing that every individual must take responsibility for their actions.

When asked if the players are capable of accepting responsibility and criticism, the United boss expressed confidence in their ability to do so. He acknowledged that he is also responsible for the team’s performance and emphasized the need for unity and a collective approach. While Ten Hag backed Bruno Fernandes, who received criticism after the Tottenham game, he also advised him not to get distracted from his job. He praised Fernandes as an inspiration and an example to the team, highlighting his strong personality and leadership as the team’s captain.

Overall, Ten Hag’s message to the Manchester United players is clear: they must step up, take responsibility, and deliver a much-improved performance in their upcoming matches.