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Juventus Announces Thiago Motta as Allegri’s Successor in High-Profile Coaching Shift

After a smashing run with Bologna, Thiago Motta has now hopped over to Juventus, stepping into the void left by Massimiliano Allegri's recent departure. Riding high from his exploits, Motta inked a three-year contract with the Old Lady, taking the reins at Allianz Stadium as Allegri's successor after the latter was axed on May 17. Allegri's discharge was prompted right after Juventus's victory in the Coppa Italia finale against Atalanta, owing much to his conduct during the match. Post his decision to quit Bologna—where…

Thiago Silva Set to Return to Fluminense After Chelsea Deal Ends

Thiago Silva, an integral part of Fluminense from 2006 to 2009, will return to Rio de Janeiro after finishing the current season. Silva made a total of 152 appearances for Chelsea since joining from Paris Saint-Germain in 2020, contributing to their victory in several tournaments. The 39-year-old announced his departure from Chelsea, planning his return to Fluminense in a different capacity once he retires. After stints with several clubs, Silva signed a two-year deal with Fluminense, where he started his career as a…

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