Suspected Islamist extremist ‘caught at Heathrow airport with hundreds of terrorist documents’

Suspected Islamist Extremist 'caught At Heathrow Airport With Hundreds Of Terrorist Documents'

Abdiwahid Abdulkadir Mohamed, 31, was arrested at Heathrow Airport yesterday and charged with six counts of possessing documents likely to be useful in the commission or preparation of an act of terrorism following an investigation by the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command.

The charges relate to documents found on a Samsung device belonging to Somali-born Mohamed that was seized when he was first detained in February last year – one of which was hidden under the file name “KFC Secret Spice Stash”, according to prosecutors.

Police also found messages sent by and to Mohamed indicating his support for jihadist terror attacks.

Wearing a gray prison tracksuit, Mohamed spoke to answer his name and confirm his date of birth but did not give a plea.

Prosecutor Mark Luckett said: “The documents referred to in the charges are instructions for the manufacture of 3D firearms.

‘They were found on the associated Telegram app when [Mr Mohamed] was stopped and detained at Heathrow Airport on 9 February.

– The police have found an extensive library of documents that can be used to manufacture 3D firearms.

“The perpetrator had terrorist connections or associations because Mohamed constantly had access to extremist content.”

Luckett added that the investigation by his media unit contains a significant number of details of the manufacture of the firearm, namely a MAC-10 kpistol.

Despite being a British citizen, Mohammed’s wife and daughter live in Kenya.

Mohamed, who trained as an electrician at North West College in Willesden, traveled to Africa on 26 January 2022 and returned on 9 February 2022 when he was detained.

A statement from the Met said: “Mohamed was arrested on Wednesday January 18 as part of a proactive operation by counter-terrorism officers.

“The ongoing investigation relates to Islamist terrorism.”

Mohamed was remanded in custody ahead of a preliminary hearing at the Old Bailey on Friday 3 February.