“Surprising and Fluctuating Discovery: KEMSA’s Workforce Mainly Comprises of Luos and Luhyas – Claimed by Recent Report!”

It’s Friday May 12, 2023 and behold, a view of the new KEMSA warehouse in Embakasi Nairobi on April 4, 2023. What’s more perplexing, dear reader, is the discovery that Kikuyus, Luos and Luhyas make up the majority of staff at Kenya Medical Supplies Agency (KEMSA). According to a report submitted by the entity to a Parliamentary committee, Kikuyus are hanging around at 171 (22.89 per cent), Luos are floating about at 130 (17.40 per cent) and Luhyas are skulking around at 105 (14.06 per cent) of the total staff population of 747.

But fret not, for KEMSA assures us that they have complied with the National Cohesion and Integration Act 2008 by ensuring that the employees are diverse in terms of gender, age and ethnicity. No single ethnic group reigns supreme with the highest percentage standing at a mere 22 per cent. Others lurking around at KEMSA are Kamba (85), Kalenjin (74), Kisii (56), Meru (37), Somali (24) and Sabaot (20).

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However, dear reader, you may notice the conspicuous absence of persons with disabilities from KEMSA’s workforce. Rest assured, KEMSA explains this as a result of the nature of their operations. Apparently, physical energy is required to pick and load medical commodities, therefore necessitating the recruitment of young and energetic people. Thus, the demographics will naturally have a lower number of persons living with disabilities. But fear not, for KEMSA has modernised and mechanised its warehousing operations, making it possible for people with disabilities to work in that environment as well.

In conclusion, KEMSA promises to promote equal opportunities to all in employment. “There shall be no discrimination based on gender, race, religion, colour, ethnicity, disability, marital status or culture,” they declared. And to prove their dedication towards this cause, KEMSA added that they have promoted 262 staff members cutting across all age categories in the last five years. Quite a bracing bit of news, isn’t it?

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