Sudan: Over 5,000 Civilian Deaths and Massive Displacement in a 6-Month Conflict


The ongoing conflict between the Rapid Support Forces and Sudanese Armed Forces has reached its sixth month, causing the deaths of at least 5,000 civilians, injuring over 12,000 individuals, and displacing more than 5.7 million people forcibly. Tigere Chagutah, the East and Southern Africa Regional Director of Amnesty International, emphasized the tragic consequences of this conflict, with innocent lives being lost and destroyed every day. Chagutah stressed the importance of justice and accountability in protecting civilians, highlighting the lack thereof as a major factor contributing to the renewed violence. Amnesty International expressed support for the recent establishment of an international accountability mechanism by the Human Rights Council, which aims to collect and preserve evidence to address these crimes. Cooperation from all parties involved in the conflict is urged. In addition, the UN Security Council is called upon to demand increased humanitarian support for Sudan and to ensure unimpeded delivery of aid by all relevant actors. Amnesty International, alongside more than 50 other human rights and humanitarian organizations, has called on the international community to take more action to address the unfolding disaster in Sudan. In a report titled “Death Came To Our Home”: War Crimes and Civilian Suffering In Sudan, Amnesty International documented extensive war crimes committed by the Rapid Support Forces and Sudanese Armed Forces. These crimes include deliberate and indiscriminate attacks resulting in mass civilian casualties, sexual violence against women and girls, targeted assaults on civilian facilities like hospitals and churches, and widespread looting.