“Stupefying plot twist: Alemany remains in English, leaving Barcelona squad bewildered!”

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The news of Mateu Alemany’s decision to remain at Barcelona for the upcoming season has rattled the entire club, leaving many players and coaches in a state of utter perplexity and bewilderment.

Barcelona has suddenly become the epicentre of the latest breaking news, following the shocking departures of Jordi Cruyff and Mateu Alemany. This has led to a dramatic shift in opinion among the Barca side.

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Alemany’s decision to stay at the ‘Cules’ has caught everyone off guard. Although it’s not yet official, ‘Mundo Deportivo’ claims that Barca is already considering the news as confirmed.

To everyone’s surprise, coaches and players have primarily found out about this development via the press, with many seeking clarification despite it already circulating on social media. Nevertheless, everyone has expressed their delight.

The squad, in particular, was taken aback by Alemany’s decision, but also grateful for the job he did last season. Alemany is now set to remain at the Camp Nou and work alongside Deco.

On the flip side, Aston Villa is not pleased with this back-pedalling and feels betrayed by Alemany after speculations mounted that he would go and work with Unai Emery in England.

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