“Strasbourg on the verge of being acquired by mysterious figure – is Chelsea’s Todd Boehly the buyer?”

Chelsea seems to have set its sights on an ambitious project that involves utilizing the multi-club system to achieve growth in various aspects. In light of this, it appears that the ‘Blues’ have their eyes set on acquiring Strasbourg, a Ligue 1 team.

Todd Boehly’s investment team reportedly met with Strasbourg’s chairman, Marc Keller, to discuss the possibility of a buyout that would increase Chelsea’s power in the European football scene. It seems that the French club’s leaders have been seeking a new partner with strong economic power, and Chelsea appears to fit the bill.

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Negotiations have been ongoing for two months and an agreement appears to be on the horizon. According to reports from ‘The Guardian’, Chelsea is likely to take control of Strasbourg soon. But that’s not all; Chelsea apparently has its sights set on moving into the Portuguese league via Portimonense. As the summer transfer window approaches, only time will tell how Todd Boehly and his investors will manage an English club that may need to invest even more money in addition to acquiring Strasbourg and the Portuguese club.

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