Spouses of Prominent al-Shabaab Leaders Face Trial in Mogadishu Military Court

Spouses Of Prominent Al-shabaab Leaders Face Trial In Mogadishu Military Court

On Wednesday August 9, 2023, a significant event unfolded in Mogadishu’s military court as four wives of high-ranking al-Shabaab leaders admitted their husbands’ association with the al-Shabaab militants. These women, namely Aisho Muhyadin Mohamud, Khadro Mohamed Isse, Nimo Farah Sheikh-Doon, and Sahro Isse Hussein, faced terrorism-related charges, particularly for aiding and abetting al-Shabaab leaders and providing misleading information to security agencies.

During the court proceedings, some of the accused women claimed that they initially had limited knowledge of their husbands’ activities. However, they vehemently denied actively supporting or collaborating in their husbands’ terrorist endeavors.

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It came to light that security forces discovered bags containing explosive devices in the vehicle that the women and their driver were traveling in from the Lower Shabelle region, specifically the Kunyo Barow area. The court prosecutor revealed that the women were on their way to meet their husbands in a forest, further raising suspicions.

Adding another layer to the case, the driver, who also stood before the court, confessed that he had been entrusted with the transportation of these devices to deliver them to a business person at Bakara Market, the largest marketplace in Mogadishu.

As the trial hearing reached its conclusion, the chairman of the court announced that the verdict would be unveiled in the coming days, leaving everyone in anticipation.

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