Joan Laporta reveals Financial Fair Play’s impact on Barcelona’s January plans

Barcelona president Joan Laporta has admitted that La Liga’s Financial Fair Play rules would currently prevent them from making any signings in the January transfer window.

The club activated a number of controversial “leverages” during the summer, selling off club assets to raise significant sums of money and finance a hefty transfer spree, with salary cap issues and other restrictions still a major concern for Barcelona.

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Speaking to EFE, Laporta admitted he is trying to find a way to work within the rules but admitted it looks tough.

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“We had to activate some levers, which were financial operations that saved the club from ruin, and now the club is in financial recovery,” he began. “It is now healthy, with revenue forecast at €1,225 million, a profit budgeted at €274 million.

“However, according to the Financial Fair Play rules of the Spanish league, we cannot sign anyone in January.

“We, and some other La Liga clubs, are also trying to convince the league to be more flexible and allow us other types of interpretations that can help Barcelona strengthen even more.”

Laporta also hit out at the “inequality” of La Liga’s financial rules in relation to the other European leagues, insisting that they all “should be harmonised”.

“It’s more flexible in the Premier League than in Spain and this doesn’t make much sense to me,” he claimed.

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