Gareth Southgate seeks ‘dialogue’ with FIFA after Harry Maguire decision

Gareth Southgate is “concerned” that VAR did not award England a penalty against Iran and wants to discuss the matter with FIFA.

England made the dream start to their World Cup campaign, beating Iran 6-2, but they could have scored even more and were denied what appeared to many to be a clear penalty.

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Trying to get on the end of a corner, Harry Maguire was brought down by an Iran defender inside the penalty area. The referee gave no penalty and VAR chose not to intervene. However, they decided to go for it at the other end, awarding Iran a penalty at the end of the game for what appeared to be a much less obvious foul.

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Southgate is concerned about the talks and fears that, as England were used to show an example of foul play in a pre-tournament referees’ meeting, they are being held to stricter standards.

“What worries me is that we were used in an example in the referee’s video. And what we were shown, the Harry Maguire incident in the first half, we were told it would be a definite penalty,” the England manager said.

“In the second half it might be a tie, we’ve got to be better at that, but I’m a bit worried that we were the example that was shown, and then to get a decider that happened in the first half, we need a bit of clarification really about how it’s going to be Become.

“We have to have that dialogue with FIFA and just make sure…we want clarity, otherwise we don’t know where we stand.”

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