Somaliland legislator shows support for Ethiopia’s investment aspirations in Saylac port


Hargeisa (AX) – Mohamed Abib, a member of the Somaliland House of Representatives, expressed his approval of the Ethiopian government’s interest in investing in the Saylac port in Somaliland. This comes shortly after Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed stated Ethiopia’s peaceful right to access the sea.

During an interview in Hargeisa on Monday, Abib emphasized that Ethiopia intends to invest in ports through proper legal channels. In order to achieve this, it is crucial to engage in negotiations and establish a mutually beneficial agreement.

“In our region, we are well aware of the challenges faced by our people. The development of multiple ports in Somaliland, potentially up to 20, would greatly benefit the people of Somaliland,” stated Abib.

The lawmaker also highlighted that the United Arab Emirates successfully invested in the Berbera Port without infringing upon Somaliland’s sovereignty. Similarly, Ethiopia can invest in the Saylac Port while adhering to the appropriate legal procedures.

During a televised speech to Ethiopian parliamentarians, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed emphasized that access to the port is a matter of existential importance for Ethiopia. He encouraged discussions about the Red Sea to commence.

The Prime Minister outlined potential offerings for access to the port, such as shares in the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD), Ethiopian Airlines, and Ethio-telecom.

“The GERD is the top dam in Africa, nearing completion. Let us invest in Assab, Zeila, or Adulis – we are open to the location. In return, you can take a 30% or 20% share from the GERD. We are not asking for something without offering in return. If GERD doesn’t interest you, Ethiopian Airlines is a major African airline.

Take a 20% or 30% share and provide us with a port. If you are not interested in airlines, we have Ethio Telecom, a significant telecom company in Africa with over 70 million subscribers.

Take a share in that. The world is investing in it. Let’s collaborate,” conveyed the Prime Minister. “However, it is impossible to ignore the Red Sea.

If we are discussing GERD and Tekeze but refuse to discuss the Red Sea, it is an impossible situation. Just as freshwater concerns you, it concerns us too.”