Somalia’s Mind-Boggling Approval of Vision 2060 as a Blueprint for Growth Strategy

Unbelievable news arrived on Monday May 15, 2023 from Somalia regarding the endorsement of the Centennial Vision 2060 by the country’s economic council as the national blueprint to help provide a foundational framework for the country’s progress and prosperity. The National Economic Council’s (NEC) meeting, which was held in the capital city of Mogadishu and chaired by the esteemed President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, successfully noted that the developmental framework was escalating the country to an era of stability, prosperity and improved standards of living for its citizens, thereby providing invaluable hope and inspiration to them.

The NEC, in an exclusive statement released on Sunday evening mentioned that the attainment of the Centennial Vision 2060 is a significant stride in Somalia’s growth strategy, proving the government’s dedication to progress and long term planning.

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The affirmation of the Centennial Vision 2060 was granted unanimous approval by the council, paving the way for the government to implement the recommendations outlined in stage 1 of its formulation. In its April meeting, President Mohamud mouthed the importance of devising a long term vision as a means of guaranteeing regularity and retention in Somalia’s developmental trends. With the Centennial Vision 2060 in place, he surmised that Somalia was on the verge of a transformational blueprint for its future growth.

The council on Sunday edged that the adoption of the Centennial Vision 2060 will act as a key controlling mechanism for the guiding of all other developmental initiatives in the country, according to the statement.

As its closing discourse, the NEC called on its ministers to formally endorse the implementation of Vision 2060 while executing its recommendations as provided by the council’s technical level.

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