Somalia’s Military Leader Assures Readiness to Combat Al-Shabaab Extremists

Somalia's Military Leader Assures Readiness To Combat Al-shabaab Extremists

The military chief of the federal republic of Somalia has expressed confidence in the preparations for the upcoming battle against Al-Shabaab militants. He recognizes the crucial role that the local army plays in the fight to liberate a country that has long struggled with instability.

General Ibrahim Sheikh Muhiyadin reassures that the local army is fully prepared to confront the enemy. However, he emphasizes that community cooperation is also essential as the country aims to free areas that are still under the control of militants in central and southern Somalia.

The first phase of operations will be carried out in Galmadug and HirShabelle states, followed by the second phase targeting Jubaland and Southwest states. Already, a contingent of soldiers has been deployed to central areas to monitor the region after a successful operation conducted a few months ago.

“The Chief of Defence Forces, Gen. Ibrahim Sheikh Muhiyadin, has instructed units of the National Armed Forces at General Gordon base in Mogadishu to prepare for the completion of the first phase of operations against terrorists and the commencement of the 2nd phase,” reported the state media.

Over the weekend, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud visited the Galgaduud region in Galmadug, urging locals to collaborate with security agents in order to achieve stability. The president emphasized that defeating the militants remains the primary focus of his administration.

The African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) and the US Africa Command have both reaffirmed their commitment to supporting the Somalia National Army (SNA) in achieving its objectives. Foreign troops have already conducted airstrikes in central and southern regions of Somalia.

Al-Shabaab militants have been engaged in a protracted fight against the fragile UN-backed federal government of Somalia. However, the government has implemented resilient strategies to combat the group. The US has also been heavily involved in the fight against Al-Shabaab for nearly 16 years, leading President Joe Biden to deploy over 500 troops after an earlier premature withdrawal in 2021.

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