Somalia’s Defense Agency Successfully Intercepts Dangerous Materials

Somalia's Defense Agency Successfully Intercepts Dangerous Materials

Somalia’s intelligence agency has successfully intercepted a shipment of explosives that were intended for Al-Shabaab strongholds. This comes as the country prepares for the next phase of operations against the militants, who have controlled parts of central and southern Somalia for the past two decades.

The National Intelligence Security Agency (NISA) confirmed in a tweet that a vehicle carrying explosive devices was apprehended on the Elasha-Biyaha Road in Mogadishu, the capital. The driver of the vehicle engaged in a shootout with the authorities and was ultimately subdued and killed on the spot.

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As they work towards securing the country from the grip of the militants, NISA emphasized their commitment to intensify operations against the militants throughout Somalia. They also called for active participation from the local population in sharing intelligence, recognizing the importance of cooperation in this endeavor.

“Our special forces in Elasha-Biyaha intercepted a vehicle carrying explosive devices and neutralized the driver as he attempted to flee. NISA is dedicated to preventing and foiling any plans that terrorists have to harm the people,” stated the agency.

NISA collaborates closely with security forces to pursue criminals, including Al-Shabaab militants. The militant group has been fighting to overthrow the fragile UN-backed federal government of Somalia but has faced significant resistance from multi-agency teams dedicated to preserving civilian safety.

The fight against Al-Shabaab is gaining momentum in Somalia, thanks to the support of the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) troops, the US Africa Command, and local militia. During the initial phase of operations, approximately 3,000 militants were killed.

Recent months have witnessed the loss of strategic positions by Al-Shabaab militants, with President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud attributing these gains to the resilience of the people and security forces. The upcoming second phase of operations will focus on the states of Jubaland and Southwest.

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