Somalia takes initiative to revamp governance system


The Somali government unveiled a new initiative on Monday aimed at transforming the country’s governance system. The program, known as the Modern Governance Strategic Direction Program, was launched by President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud in Mogadishu with the goal of improving public service delivery and promoting transparency in the government.

During a two-day meeting attended by international technical experts and ministers, President Mohamud emphasized the importance of developing a strategic plan to guide Somalia’s progress leading up to the year 2060. He stated, “We are actively shaping Somalia’s future, and it is crucial that we focus our efforts on creating a roadmap for the nation’s development in the coming decades.”

Prime Minister Hamsa Abdi Barre expressed his excitement about the new program, viewing it as a significant step toward enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the governance system. He remarked, “Today marks an historic moment in our governance history as we embark on a transformative journey to improve how our government operates and delivers services to the people. However, we must expedite our efforts to enable the Somali people to elect their political representatives through democratic processes.”

During the meeting, Prime Minister Abdi presented the government’s key priorities, which include ensuring security and combating terrorism, fostering investment and job creation, promoting political stability, enhancing the technological capabilities of government agencies, and fostering economic growth. He emphasized that tangible changes will be visible as a result of these efforts, stating, “We are gathered here today because we believe in the need for change. To achieve this change, it must start with us, and its positive outcomes will become evident to all.”