Somalia: Somali Forces Eliminate Four Al-Shabaab Leaders, Injure 9 Militants


In a recent military operation near the Tiyegloow district in the Bakool region, Somali government forces successfully eliminated key members of the notorious Al-Shabaab group. The operation took place in a meeting venue where various Al-Shabaab members, including leaders and militants, had gathered.

Commander Two Hidigle Deerow Macalin Abdi, from the 51st Brigade of the 9th Brigade in the 60th Division of the Somali National Army, addressed the media and shared details of the operation. According to him, four leaders were neutralized, while nine other militants sustained injuries during the mission.

“Our objective was to target the meeting place of the Kharijites and put an end to their activities. We ensured minimal collateral damage and have now commenced the second phase of our operation to completely eliminate the Kharijites. These operations will persist,” Commander Hidigle, also known as Mr. Macalin Abdi, declared with determination.