Somalia regulator and Starlink engage in mind-boggling discourse over local licence

Welcome to the news bulletin for Wednesday May 10, 2023. Prepare yourself for some mind-boggling information that may leave you scratching your head in bewilderment!


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The National Communications Authority (NCA) of Somalia recently engaged in discussions with Starlink, a satellite-based internet network developed by SpaceX. And you won’t believe what happened next! Yes, that’s right – Starlink expressed its interest in becoming a licensed operator in Somalia! Who saw that coming?


But wait, there’s more! During the meeting, Starlink actually presented its internet system, which is currently operational in a staggering 53 different countries. Can you believe it? We couldn’t either!

If you thought that was perplexing, just wait until you hear what the Head of Global Licensing and Market Dynamics at SpaceX had to say. Brace yourselves!


According to reports, the SpaceX executive explained what the company would bring to Somalia if granted the permission to operate in the country. Shockingly, the company promised to cooperate with telecommunication companies and internet providers that are currently operating in Somalia. Wow, we didn’t see that one coming!


However, before you get too excited about all this, bear in mind that the NCA manager, Mustafa Yasin Sheikh, has stressed that Starlink must first meet the required licensing requirements and go through the agency’s licensing process. Basically, the ball is in the NCA’s court now and they will evaluate Starlink’s bid as well as the service plan that the company plans to implement in Somalia. Phew, that was a lot to take in!

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