Somalia produces yet another quadruplet delivery, leaving observers puzzled and breathless

Unprecedented Occurrence of Quadruplet Birth in Somalia Amidst Floods and Hunger

The country of Somalia has recently seen a rare occurrence of quadruplet births within two months of each other, which is a blessing amidst the current challenges faced in the country. The unstable Horn of Africa nation is grappling with the consequences of floods and hunger that have been persistent issues for over three decades.

Farhiya Hussein Ali, a resident of Mogadishu, delivered quadruplets at Banadir Hospital in the capital, marking the second time such an unusual occasion has happened in this part of Africa. Social media has gone abuzz since the positive news hit the airwaves.

In March this year, Marium Mohamed Hassan also gave birth to quadruplets at the same hospital, cementing the extraordinary occurrence that highlights the resilience of women worldwide. The odds of giving birth to quadruplets are significantly low, thus adding another layer of rarity to the remarkable event.

Reports show that the World Health Organization [WHO] estimates that only one in 700,000 pregnancies yields such a beautiful gem. Twins remain the majority of multiple births, accounting for 90%, with triplets, quadruplets, and beyond making up the remaining 10%.

Numerous sources indicate that Ali relocated from Jalaqsi, an area within the conflict-ridden Hiiraan region, to find safer quarters in Mogadishu. The newborns are currently in a stable condition and receiving quality care at Banadir Hospital, one of the best-equipped medical facilities in the region.

Medical experts assert that multiple births often have a genetic composition, primarily influenced by family history. Furthermore, disadvantaged backgrounds are often associated with such occurrences, making it critical to support these families adequately.

Interestingly, in 2012, Halima Mohamed gave birth to quadruplets as an internally displaced mother, highlighting the rarity of the occurrence. Mogadishu’s Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Training and Research Hospital also witnessed a vast and unprecedented event in 2020 with the delivery of quintuplets.

These births occur at a time of relative stability in the country, especially in the capital city of Mogadishu, where security forces continue to fight off Al-Shabaab militants in various parts of the land. Additionally, the government has implemented a plan for the second phase of operations against these militants slated to begin shortly.

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