Somalia President’s Safety Under Constant Threat Due to Al-Shabaab Conflict

Somalia President's Safety Under Constant Threat Due To Al-shabaab Conflict

Somalia: President Reveals Ongoing Death Threats Over Al-Shabaab Conflict

In a candid admission, President Hassan Sheikh of Somalia has disclosed that he is facing relentless death threats as a result of his commitment to combatting Al-Shabaab militants throughout the country. The president revealed that he has received strange messages from anonymous individuals, urging him to abandon his quest to eliminate the group that continues to exert dominance in Somalia.

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Speaking from Mahas in the Hiiraan region, President Hassan Sheikh recounted incidents where he has been threatened and warned of potential harm to his safety. Some have even gone as far as predicting his assassination through poisoning or suicide bombings. The president also shared concerns that his helicopter could be targeted due to his uncompromising stance in the fight against Al-Shabaab militants. Nevertheless, he remains determined to support the right cause and refuses to believe that Al-Shabaab poses a real threat to his life.

During his address to the soldiers in Mahas, President Hassan Sheikh stated, “Every day, I am informed that there is a car bomb waiting for me, that I will be poisoned, or that the helicopter I am traveling in will be shot down. Despite the last alarming message I received, I remain resolute and confident.” The president, now serving his second term, expressed his belief that Al-Shabaab is incapable of harming him, quoting Allah’s assurance in stating, “No one will pass his day.”

Over the past 10 months, Somalia has intensified its war against Al-Shabaab, successfully liberating numerous towns in the process. As part of further efforts to dismantle the militants, the Somali National Army has regrouped in HirShabelle and Galmadug states for thorough combing operations following the initial phases of successful military campaigns.

Additionally, President Hassan Sheikh revealed that soldiers who deserted their positions after suffering unprecedented defeats in Cawsweyne and Gal’ad towns will face trial in military courts. These soldiers abandoned their bases when overwhelmed by the militants, resulting in the loss of many lives. Despite these setbacks, the president maintains optimism that the group will eventually be defeated. He also highlights the significance of obstructing the militants’ financial resources by blocking revenue collection channels as a critical step towards achieving this goal.

Al-Shabaab militants are actively pursuing the overthrow of Somalia’s fragile UN-backed federal government, which, in turn, is intensifying its operations in Jubaland and Southwest regions.

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