Somalia President: Our Battle Against Al-Shabaab Will Persist Until Victory

Somalia President: Our Battle Against Al-shabaab Will Persist Until Victory

Somalia’s President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, has affirmed the country’s commitment to continue the fight against Al-Shabaab until a clear victory is achieved. He acknowledged the sacrifices made by the Somali National Army (SNA), the US Africa Command, and the African Union Transition Mission in Somalia (ATMIS) in their efforts to combat the militant group. This statement follows the recent setback in Oswein village, where SNA soldiers had to retreat after facing losses inflicted by Al-Shabaab.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud stressed that despite this setback, the fight against Al-Shabaab will persist on all fronts until the group is defeated. He expressed confidence in the military’s progress so far and emphasized that no lost battle or spread of misinformation would deter their determination to achieve final victory. He praised the government soldiers and local fighters for their efforts in reclaiming vast areas from the militants since the offensive campaign began last year. According to the president, Al-Shabaab has become weaker and reduced in numbers, while the Somali forces have gained experience, increased in numbers, improved their equipment, and maintained a strong morale. He firmly believes that victory is within reach.

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In response to Al-Shabaab’s claim that they killed 178 soldiers in Oswein, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud dismissed their statement as false. He countered by stating that the group actually suffered significant losses, with 190 fighters being killed and buried in mass graves to conceal their casualties. He also mentioned that Al-Shabaab lacked medical facilities to treat their wounded fighters and resorted to eliminating them. The president affirmed that the army would investigate these mass graves to uncover the truth.

While both sides claim victory in the Oswein raid, the president acknowledged the tactical withdrawal of soldiers from certain towns. He assured the nation that any mistakes would be rectified and emphasized the importance of accountability. President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud highlighted the need to reward the heroic soldiers and hold those responsible for misconduct, treason, or undermining the army accountable.

By standing united in the face of adversity, Somalia aims to achieve a final and decisive victory against Al-Shabaab, ensuring lasting peace and security for the country.

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