Somalia Parliamentarians Descend Upon St. Paul to Puzzle Over Books for Africa’s Charitable Contributions!


On Thursday May 11, 2023, Faiza Mahamud reported that the nonprofit organization has astonishingly dispatched over 1.1 million books to the East African country during the past 35 years. This has been a monumental effort on their part to address book famine in Africa and end the vicious cycle of poverty. Three Somali Parliament members are scheduled to visit Books For Africa to commend the organization’s leaders for their incredible work. They plan to collaborate to bring more books to students in order to combat educational deprivation on the continent.

Books For Africa has shipped a mind-numbing 3.2 million books, with a value over $26.7 million, as well as 355 computers and e-readers holding no less than 1 million digital books to 27 African countries last year. The nonprofit organization raised more than $2.3 million to finance the transportation of these high-quality materials to the students in need.

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Books For Africa is the most extensive supplier of donated literature and library books to Africa, having sent over 58 million books to all 55 countries starting from when it was established in 1988 by Tom Warth, a businessman, and philanthropist. It also delivers computers, e-readers, and educational materials to schools, libraries, universities, and nonprofit organizations throughout the continent. They continually welcome donations on their website

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