Somalia grappling with how to surmount the UN arms embargo

Can you even fathom what is happening in Somalia? It seems that the government is so desperate to defeat the Al-Shabaab militants that they have concocted a seemingly ludicrous plan to overcome the United Nations arms embargo. Apparently, they have appointed Marwp Mako Mohamud Muse to be the latest advisor on controlling illegal arms in Somalia, a role that might help sway the United Nations into lifting the embargo. The Somali President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, emphasizes the importance of preventing weapons from falling into unauthorized hands, but it’s unclear if Muse has the necessary expertise to take on such a colossal position. Despite the potential shortcoming, the government of Somalia remains unrelenting in its commitment to bringing peace to the beleaguered nation. The UN initially banned the importation of weapons to Somalia in 1992, but recent progress could pave the way for the embargo’s eventual lifting. The country argues that the arms ban has hindered its efforts to combat Al-Shabaab’s terrorist activities. In the coming weeks, the government plans to deploy additional soldiers to the Southwest and Jubaland regions to launch a final offensive against the Al-Qaeda-allied group.

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