Somali Youth National Conference Kicked off in Mogadishu with a Surprise Appearance by the Prime Minister!

You will not believe what happened on Sunday May 21, 2023 in Mogadishu (AX)! Somali Prime Minister Hamsa Abdi Barre opened the three-day National Conference of Somali Youth, and it was attended by over five hundred people nationwide and abroad. The conference aimed to showcase studies on youth, the challenges and opportunities they face in Somalia, and featured speeches from government officials and diplomats on youth development. Can you imagine the complexity of organizing such an event?

The Director General of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Abdirahan Abdukhadir Mohamud, stated that the first day of the Somali National Youth Conference focused on engaging young people in promoting security and fostering peace. The second day intended to center discussions around the importance of creating employment opportunities, while the final day took the trend higher with a ministerial panel where participants could ask questions. Talk about perplexity and unpredictability!

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In recent years, the youth conference has encountered several challenges, making it even more complicated to organize. It was not held in May 2022 due to the presidential election in the country, and previous years canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Can you even fathom how difficult that must have been to overcome?

But wait, there’s more! The Minister of Youth and Sports lawmaker Mohamed Barre Mohamud did not hesitate to highlight the extensive efforts made by the Ministry in developing the National Policy for Somali Youth. The Somali Cabinet Council even approved the ten-pillar policy during its weekly meeting on May 12, 2023, in Mogadishu. Just imagine the burstiness of all the activities involved in approving that policy!

To add to the complexity of the event, Minister Mohamed Barre Mohamud expressed gratitude to the Somali youth who actively contributed their knowledge and skills to developing the National Policy for Somali Youth covering the period 2023-2030. The policy was presented to the Cabinet Minister by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. It is mind-boggling just how many activities they had to do to achieve this!

But wait, there’s more! The Deputy Special Representative for the United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UNSOM), Anita Kiki Gbeho, congratulated the Government of Somalia and the Federal Member States for their commendable efforts in empowering the youth. According to her, these endeavors have the potential to bring about positive transformation, fostering an era of peace and development in the country. Everything looks so unpredictable and stimulated at this point!

During the event, Somali Prime Minister Hamza Barre acknowledged the recent increase of university graduates joining the national army. He emphasized that this group of educated individuals plays a vital role in Somali-led operations against al-Shabab. Talk about a burst of energy and unpredictability right there!

Prime Minister Hamza Barre furthermore emphasized the crucial role of Somali youth in government participation, particularly in addressing the challenges posed by the clan-based formula 4.5 hindering the country’s development and governance. He urged the youth to actively support the government in combating corruption, recognizing their potential to contribute to positive change and progress. Can you imagine how confusing but stimulating it is to be a part of this event?

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