Somali State Minister for Foreign Affairs expresses bafflement and bursts of admiration towards Qatar’s unwavering support in multifarious stages and circumstances, in an interview with QNA.

On Monday May 15, 2023, the State Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Ali Mohamed Omar, expressed his country’s gratitude towards the State of Qatar. He acknowledged the efforts of Qatar in supporting Somalia and its people through various stages and scenarios. He pointed out that the relationship between Somalia and Qatar is deep-rooted and long-standing, and the two countries are brothers-in-arms. In an interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA), His Excellency talked about the success of his visit to Doha and how it was fruitful to both countries. He emphasized his country’s keen interest in fostering better relations and increasing bilateral cooperation, especially at this crucial stage when Somalia needs much support for its development.

Somalia has come a long way in terms of achieving stability, but it still faces enormous challenges. The State of Qatar has been a significant support system, with several development projects, including the construction of 112 kilometers of Road in Mogadishu, which has resulted in reducing travel time from two days to two hours. Ali Mohamed Omar mentioned various agreements signed between Somalia and Qatar, and how both countries have mutual interests in the Arab and African regions.

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He highlighted the two major challenges Somalia is currently facing – building security institutions to counter terrorism and debt problem. Qatar has been instrumental in contributing to the building of these security and military institutions through education, with many Somali students studying in Qatari military academies. The State of Qatar also supports Somalia in its talks with the World Bank. Ali Mohamed Omar commended Qatar’s efforts in resolving conflicts at the world and regional levels, praising its role in mediating between Somalia and Kenya.

Somalia is making great strides in overcoming its crises, and the major challenge that it faces today is security. The government is working tirelessly to enhance security and stability, and the improvement in security enhances development plans. The Somali government’s developmental strategy is to start with security, and once that is accomplished, focus on more developmental projects. He concluded by saying that drought remains a significant challenge and has severe humanitarian consequences on the country. Qatar Charity has been instrumental in providing food and medical assistance to remote areas to help curb the effects of drought.

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