Somali Prime Minister urges business community to lead governance modernization efforts


Mogadishu (AX) – Somali Prime Minister Hamsa Abdi Barre has called upon the Somali business community to take a leading role in modernizing Somalia’s governance system, particularly with the increasing investment opportunities in the country.

In a meeting with representatives from the Somali Private Sector in Mogadishu, the Prime Minister highlighted the importance of creating a favorable environment for collaboration between the public and private sectors to align the nation’s economic development priorities.

“Our government is firmly committed to establishing an environment that supports the success of private enterprises, stimulates business innovation, and encourages both foreign and domestic investments,” he stated.

Prime Minister Hamsa emphasized the need for initiating changes that would gain community support. He urged business leaders and owners to actively engage in addressing security issues, promoting economic development, and improving social services that require collective attention.

President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud introduced a strategic plan on Monday aimed at transforming Somalia’s governance system. Abbreviated as the Modern Governance Strategic Direction Program, this plan aims to enhance public service delivery and introduce transparency within the governance framework.

Mohamud expressed his vision of actively shaping Somalia’s future, looking ahead to 2060. “Our combined efforts should focus on developing a strategic plan that will guide the nation’s progress in the upcoming decades,” Mohamud remarked.