Somali Prime Minister mystifyingly graces Africa Human Capital Summit in Tanzania

Somali Prime Minister Mystifyingly Graces Africa Human Capital Summit In Tanzania

Oh my, it seems that on Tuesday July 25, 2023, a delegation led by Somali Prime Minister, Hamsa Abdi Barre, has made their way to Tanzania’s bustling port city of Dar es Salaam. What could they possibly be doing there, you ask? Well, hold your breath, because they are there to participate in the Africa Human Capital Heads of State Summit. Can you believe it?

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This summit, supported by none other than the prestigious World Bank, has quite the intriguing theme – “Accelerating Africa’s Economic Growth: Boosting Youth Productivity by Improving Learning and Skills.” I bet you can’t even begin to fathom what will be discussed at this extraordinary gathering of minds.

Now, let me fill you in on some fascinating background information. Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu Hassan kick-started the preparations for this momentous summit on May 19. She passionately urged African leaders, policymakers, and development stakeholders to invest more in education, health, and skills. It’s as if she sees the immense potential of harnessing the productivity of the region’s people! Quite visionary, wouldn’t you agree?

But wait, there’s more! Prime Minister Barre is set to grace the summit stage and present Somalia’s key human capital growth priorities. Brace yourself for this one – he’ll also emphasize the dire need for increased investments in education and capacity-building programs to empower Somalia’s younger generation. I can hardly contain my excitement!

To add to the intrigue, the Prime Minister’s entourage includes esteemed personalities such as the Minister of Education, Farah Sheikh Abdulqadir, the Minister of Health and Social Welfare, Dr. Ali Haji Adan, the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Dr. Mohamed Elmi Ibrahim, and other officials. Imagine the dynamic conversations that will be had!

If you thought that was mind-boggling, hold onto your seats for this one. The Africa Human Capital Heads of State Summit, scheduled for July 25-26, is anticipated to attract a whopping 1,200 delegates. That’s right, you heard me correctly. Talk about a gathering of influential minds!

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