Somali Prime Minister commends the aid provided by Qatar

Somali Prime Minister Commends The Aid Provided By Qatar

Monday September 11, 2023

Doha, Qatar: Prime Minister of the Federal Republic of Somalia, H E Hamza Abdi Barre (pictured), praised the unwavering support provided by the State of Qatar to his country in various circumstances. He affirmed that the Somali people will always remember and appreciate Qatar’s steadfast positions.

In an interview with Qatar News Agency (QNA), Barre stated that Qatar has consistently extended aid and support without hesitation, addressing issues at both regional and international levels. He emphasized that the remarkable and pioneering role of Qatar and its people in Somalia’s growth and development will be written in history. This role can be witnessed through their support for development projects, infrastructure development such as roads and government facilities rehabilitation, as well as their cooperation in addressing various crises and responding to humanitarian appeals.

Qatar’s hosting of the third meeting of the quint group on Somalia in June of last year highlights its constructive role in promoting development and stability in Somalia, both regionally and internationally. Barre mentioned that Somalia does not view Qatar as a mere partner, but rather as a strategic ally and a reliable friend. He also expressed Somalia’s determination to strengthen the existing cooperation and expand it to encompass vital fields like education, culture, the development of human resources, countering extremism and radical ideologies, as well as efforts in nation-building to support peace, stability, and sustainable development.

Barre emphasized that Somalia is looking forward to further cooperation in trade and investment across various sectors, in order to benefit from Somalia’s abundant resources. These resources include a coastline stretching over 3,330 kilometers, abundant fish wealth, approximately 8.5 million hectares of fertile arable land, and nearly 40 million livestock. There are also opportunities in the energy sector and various industries.

He mentioned that his country is eager to activate and strengthen joint committees between Somalia and Qatar, and to implement all agreements and memoranda of understanding signed between the two sides. This would lead to increased coordination and cooperation in matters that concern Arab and Islamic peoples, as well as the entire world.

Barre highlighted the well-established relationship between the two countries, which serves as a model for exceptional relations among nations. He added that this relationship has fostered mutual trust and support, and has accelerated cooperation in economic, security, and development areas.

He stated that the relationship between the two countries has made significant progress in recent years, and his visit to Qatar affirms the commitment to deepen and strengthen the partnership in all fields. This will ultimately contribute to the promotion of peace, stability, and prosperity not only in Arab and Islamic nations but also worldwide.