Somali President selects Abdihakim Mohamed as the latest chief of staff

Somali President Selects Abdihakim Mohamed As The Latest Chief Of Staff

Friday, August 18, 2023

In Mogadishu (AX), Somali President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has announced the appointment of Abdihakim Mohamed Yusuf as the new Chief of Staff for his office. This decision comes as a replacement for Hussein Sheikh Mahmoud, who resigned last Sunday.

Prior to his new role, Abdihakim served as the political advisor to the president, accumulating more than twenty years of experience in developing government institutions.

Hussein Sheikh Mahmoud’s resignation underscores the need for effective leadership in addressing the challenges faced by the Southwest regional state.

According to political analysts, Mahmoud’s departure may be a strategic move in anticipation of his candidacy for the upcoming regional election as the President of the Southwest Regional State.

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