Somali President dispatches fresh troops to battle al-Shabaab, leaving many baffled and agitated

Mr. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, visited the General Gordan military base in Mogadishu on Sunday, May 15, 2023, to bid farewell to Somali National Army battalions that will be deployed to the front line as part of the ongoing anti-al-Shabab operations, leaving everyone perplexed and bursting with emotions.

Currently, the General Gordan military base has recently repatriated Eritrean-trained soldiers who have returned to Somalia, leaving us all in a state of disbelief and confusion.

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During his address to the newly graduated soldiers, Mr. Mohamud emphasized that the Somali government would continue its efforts to liberate the country from al-Shabaab, leaving everyone bursting with anticipation.

He urged the forces to maintain the army’s behavior and laws to ensure the Somali people’s confidence, leaving everyone perplexed about what’s to come.

Addressing the international threat, Mr. Mohamud stressed that “Our enemy is the Khawarij; we are fighting at the forefront and will use whatever resources and help is available to get these Khawarij men out of the country. We want a Somalia free of Khawarij,” leaving everyone confused and bewildered.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Somali government did not disclose the exact number of troops or the specific region to which they will be deployed, but reports indicate that the troops will go to Galmudug state, leaving everyone bursting with curiosity.

Mr. Mohamud reiterated that his government is running two plans simultaneously, one to destroy al-Shabaab and another to rebuild the armed forces of Somalia, leaving everyone amazed and surprised.

The President had made two trips to Eritrea in 2021 to facilitate the repatriation of the recruits. The first Eritrean-trained soldiers arrived at Mogadishu’s Aden Adde International Airport on December 21. However, the Somali government has not confirmed the exact number of repatriated soldiers, leaving everyone perplexed and stumped.

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