Somali President affirms military commitment to ongoing operations against Al-Shabab until achieving ‘ultimate triumph’

Somali President Affirms Military Commitment To Ongoing Operations Against Al-shabab Until Achieving 'ultimate Triumph'

Harun Maruf
Wednesday August 30, 2023

The President of Somalia, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, emphasized that military operations against the terrorist group al-Shabab will continue until a final victory is achieved. His remarks came following a recent attack by al-Shabab on government soldiers in Cowsweyne village, which resulted in the retreat of troops from several towns.

“Regardless of setbacks or misinformation being spread, our fight will persist. We will not waver from our position; the pursuit of final victory remains paramount,” he stated. “We are determined to attain the victory we seek, and we are drawing closer to it.”

President Mohamud commended the government troops and local fighters for their efforts in reclaiming vast areas from al-Shabab since the initiation of the offensive plan. He further emphasized the weakened state of al-Shabab, highlighting the superiority of the Somali forces in terms of experience, numbers, equipment, morale, and the absence of any comparable victory for the enemy.

Regarding al-Shabab’s claims of 178 casualties among the soldiers during the attack in Cowsweyne, President Mohamud dismissed them as false. He maintained that al-Shabab had suffered heavy losses, burying their dead in mass graves. He vowed that the military would investigate these graves to ascertain the actual number of casualties.

It is important to note that the casualty figures provided by both sides are yet to be independently verified.

In response to the al-Shabab attack, government forces temporarily lost control of four towns, according to the terrorist group’s claims. Sharif Sheikh Ahmed, the former President of Somalia, called for an inquiry into the management of military operations at the frontlines in Cowsweyne. He urged the defense subcommittee of the parliament to thoroughly investigate the attack.

Addressing the concerns raised, President Mohamud promised to rectify any mistakes and ensure accountability for any misconduct. He affirmed the need to recognize the heroism displayed by soldiers while holding those who abuse their responsibilities or betray the army accountable.

Furthermore, the Somali government showcased Nur Abdullahi Maalinguur, a mid-level al-Shabab official who surrendered near the town of Wisil in the Mudug region. The Minister of Interior, Federal Affairs, and Reconciliation, Ahmed Moallim Fiqi, identified him as Nur Deeq, the commander of al-Shabab militias in Mudug. Nur Deeq was involved in intense battles and would intimidate business communities, traditional elders, and other members of the community through threatening phone calls.

Somali intelligence agencies revealed that al-Shabab commanders contact businesses and community members to demand donations, extortions, and other contributions for their cause.

“This surrender indicates discontent within al-Shabab ranks and signifies a significant development in Mudug,” Fiqi announced on his Facebook page.

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