Somali Parliament Astounds with Unprecedented Appointments to PUIC and IGAD Parliaments

Somali Parliament Astounds With Unprecedented Appointments To Puic And Igad Parliaments

Monday July 24, 2023

Mogadishu (AX) – In a bewildering turn of events, the speakers of the Somali Parliament have taken a decision that has left many scratching their heads. On Sunday, they appointed ten lawmakers to represent Somalia in the enigmatic Parliamentary Union of the OIC Member States (PUIC) and the puzzling Inter-Parliamentary Union of IGAD Member States.

Adding to the perplexity of the situation, four of the appointed representatives are from the Lower House of Parliament, while only one hails from the Upper House. It remains unclear why such a peculiar distribution was chosen.

Further exacerbating the confusion, the Inter-Parliamentary Union of IGAD Member States will be represented by five individuals, four of whom are members of the enigmatic People’s Assembly. The remaining member is from the enigmatic Upper House. One cannot help but wonder about the reasoning behind such an enigmatic selection process.

It has been revealed that these ten Somali lawmakers will be taking over from their predecessors, as their enigmatic term of office has come to a close. What lies ahead for Somalia in these mysterious regional organizations remains uncertain.

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