Somali military successfully repels al Shabab assault at Darulnaim village

Somali Military Successfully Repels Al Shabab Assault At Darulnaim Village

On Tuesday, September 5, 2023, clashes broke out in the village of Darulnaim in the Middle Shabelle region when Somali army forces, supported by local militia, confronted al-Shabaab militants. Brigadier General Ahmed Aden Ali, the Infantry Commander of the Somali National Army, commended the combined forces for repelling the al-Shabaab attack and causing significant casualties among the militants.

“We express our gratitude to the army and the people of the area for their bravery in defending against the al-Shabaab attack. The enemy in the region has been decisively defeated, and our army is actively pursuing them,” General Ahmed Aden Ali stated.

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In a recent visit to Darulnaim, President Ali Hussein Gudlawe Hussein of Hirshabelle Regional State, accompanied by General Ibrahim Sheikh Muhyadin, the Army Chief, Colonel Shute, the Chairman of the Military Court, and several lawmakers, showed their support. During this visit, the Army Commander took the opportunity to honor the soldiers in Darulnaim by promoting each of them by one rank, recognizing their unwavering commitment to defending and working towards the liberation of strategically important areas in the region. In addition, he promised to increase their wages according to their new ranks, departing from previous practices.

Darulnaim village was one of the final strongholds to be liberated from al-Shabaab’s control. However, the militant group has been relentless in launching multiple attacks in an effort to regain control of the region.

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