Somali legislator expresses outrage over detention of ex-military officer

Somali Legislator Expresses Outrage Over Detention Of Ex-military Officer

Saturday August 19, 2023

In Mogadishu, a member of the Somali Parliament, Dahabo Susow, has strongly criticized the arrest of former military captain Sheegow Ahmed Ali, which took place during a security operation in Mogadishu on Friday night.

Susow expressed her disapproval of the Somali police’s capture of the Captain at his residence located in Mogadishu’s Dharkenley district, labeling the action as a grave injustice. She firmly stated, “It is unacceptable to arrest the only military General we had in the Somali army.”

The lawmaker emphasized that they perceive a discriminatory approach in the treatment of the officer, highlighting that the government did not target other armed individuals in Mogadishu.

Susow called for the immediate release of the officer as well as his army personnel, asserting that the issue resulting from the clash should be held under the responsibility of the Somali Government.

During the clash between Somali police forces and military forces loyal to Captain Sheegow Ahmed Ali in the Kawo-Godey neighborhood in the Dharkenley district on Friday night, at least three Somali soldiers lost their lives, and several others were wounded.

The security forces successfully apprehended the Captain and 24 members of his military personnel from his residence, which was the center of the clash, as confirmed by Somali police spokesman Sadiq Adan Ali Doodishe.

The police have accused him of destabilizing the security in the capital and engaging in confrontations with security forces. The Police spokesman further alleged that stolen mobile phones and counterfeit banknotes were discovered in his home.

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