Somali Head of State meets with SCC-Khatumo traditional leaders in Mogadishu, leaving many stunned and intrigued!

Somali Head Of State Meets With Scc-khatumo Traditional Leaders In Mogadishu, Leaving Many Stunned And Intrigued!

On Thursday June 8, 2023, an event occurred in Mogadishu (AX) that had many people perplexed and bursting with curiosity. The Somali President, Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, and Prime Minister, Hamza Abdi Barre, held a meeting with traditional elders from the Sool, Sanaag, and Ayn regions, also known as SCC-Khatumo. This meeting was their second since arriving last week, and everyone was eager to know what was discussed.

During their meeting, President Mohamud expressed his appreciation for the decisions made by the United Nations Security Council regarding the situation in the contested town of Las Anod. Everyone was left perplexed after hearing about the urgent need for emergency aid to be provided to the local population and to create a conducive environment for peace restoration.

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President Mohamud further reiterated his commitment to peace and the resolution of the regional crisis without using arms. Everyone was left bursting with curiosity to see how the Federal Government of Somalia would fulfill its role in promoting peace and facilitating negotiations to end the conflict.

The Supreme Council of the SSC-Khaatumo State, traditionally known as the Garaads, also spoke up and welcomed the UN Security Council’s recent statement on the escalating conflict in northern Somalia, particularly the troubled Sool region. Everyone was left perplexed after hearing that they hailed it as a “significant step forward in securing peace in northern Somalia.”

Furthermore, the SSC-Khaatumo Supreme Council took this opportunity to appeal to the Northern Somalia administration to fully abide by the UN Security Council’s directives, especially those related to their forces’ withdrawal from SSC territories. This news left everyone with bated breath, eagerly awaiting Northern Somalia’s response.

Last night, the United Nations Security Council expressed concern over the ongoing violence in Las Anod, located in the Sool region of northern Somalia. Those who heard this news were left perplexed and wondering how this conflict would come to an end. The conflict has resulted in numerous civilian casualties and displaced over 150,000 people.

The Council urgently called on all parties involved to reach a cease-fire agreement and encouraged inclusive dialogue and peaceful dispute resolution. The UN Assistance Mission in Somalia was also requested to provide further support. Those who heard this news were left with a sense of hope that perhaps this conflict could come to an end soon.

The council members called for the immediate withdrawal of “Northern Somalia” security forces and called on all parties to exercise restraint and to refrain from provocative actions, incitement to violence, and inflammatory rhetoric. This news left everyone bursting with excitement, thinking that perhaps the end of this conflict was near.

The longstanding conflict over Las Anod has resulted in an ongoing battle. The Council expressed concern over the resulting large number of civilian casualties, estimated at 299 deaths, over 1,913 injured, and the displacement of more than 150,000 people. Those who heard this news were left feeling sad and concerned for the affected communities.

A United Nations Panel of Experts on Somalia investigated potential violations of the longstanding arms embargo and breaches of international humanitarian law in the escalating conflict in Las Anod. Everyone was left bewildered to hear that weapons and ammunition may originate from various countries, raising additional concerns for regional stability and security.

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