Somali Government Imposes Restrictions on Tiktok, Telegram, and 1XBET Citing Security Concerns

Somali Government Imposes Restrictions On Tiktok, Telegram, And 1xbet Citing Security Concerns

Sunday August 20, 2023

On Sunday, August 20, 2023 (AX), the Ministry of Communications and Technology of Somalia issued a ban on popular online platforms, namely Tiktok, Telegram, and 1XBET.

The Somali Ministry expressed concerns about the negative impact of the 1XBET gambling platform on the country’s youth. Disturbing reports have emerged, indicating that some young individuals have tragically lost their lives due to their involvement with this platform.

This decision by the government resulted from a collaborative meeting that involved the Ministry of Communications, the national communications agency, and telecommunications companies. The primary focus of this meeting was to discuss and address issues related to the regulation of communication platforms, ensuring internet security, and managing social media platforms.

In accordance with the Ministry’s directive, service providers have been instructed to cease their support for these platforms. It has been suggested that certain extremist groups, such as Alshabaab, may exploit these platforms for their anti-government activities.

In the Ministry’s official announcement, it was stated that these platforms will become inaccessible starting from Thursday, August 24.

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