Somali Fugitive Foiled by INTERPOL in Unexpected South Sudan Encounter!

Amidst a plethora of challenges, the Horn of Africa nation witnessed a rather dramatic interception as the International Criminal Police in tandem with the Somali Police Force, arrested a Somali fugitive accused of murder. Zakariye Ali Ahmed Osobow, a former police officer who had eluded capture for multiple months, was finally apprehended in South Sudan and extradited to Somalia to face charges. Upon his arrival, Osobow was taken into custody and is now expected to appear in court. His alleged crime was the murder of Ali Hassan Siyad, a former colleague in the Dayniile district of Mogadishu. Members of the slain police officer’s family, Somali Police representatives, and Interpol officials were present to witness the culminating events. While the judiciary system in Somalia is considered tedious and dominated by the Army courts, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud has pledged to facilitate the establishment of internal government institutions in a bid to tackle the nation’s longstanding weakness and disorganisation.

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