Somali Army Successfully Thwarts Terrorist Incident in Central Region


The Somali National Army (SNA) successfully thwarted an attempted suicide car bombing on a military base situated in the Bari-ujeed region of central Somalia. In a valiant display of combat skills, the SNA forces managed to overpower the al-Shabab militants, resulting in the unfortunate loss of five soldiers.

Guriel District Commissioner, Farah Abdi Moalim, informed the press that the terrorists suffered heavy casualties and were forced to flee the scene. Efforts are underway to locate and apprehend the fleeing militants. Tragically, five brave soldiers lost their lives during the intense confrontation, and seven others sustained injuries.

Moalim revealed that prior intelligence had alerted the forces about the group’s plans to launch attacks on SNA bases in the region. Consequently, the army has regained full control of these bases, ensuring the safety and security of the area.

The al-Shabab militants claimed responsibility for the assault on the SNA base, boasting that they had killed 61 soldiers and gained possession of six vehicles.

Despite President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud’s ongoing battle against the al-Shabab militants since assuming power in May 2022, the extremist organization still maintains control over certain rural areas in southern and central Somalia. Moreover, they persist in carrying out audacious attacks in Mogadishu, the capital, and other locations, despite the government’s intensified efforts to dismantle their operations.