Somali army eliminates 20 insurgents from al Shabab in Lower Shabelle region

Somali Army Eliminates 20 Insurgents From Al Shabab In Lower Shabelle Region

Friday, August 18, 2023

In an orchestrated military operation carried out on Thursday night, the Somali National Army (SNA), in collaboration with international allies, successfully eliminated a minimum of 20 al-Shabab insurgents in southern Somalia.

The operation was strategically executed in the Ali Fuuto area, approximately 35 kilometres away from Lower Shabelle’s Kuntuwaray district.

The military authorities have disclosed that the army conducted a precise attack on two buildings where the terrorist organization was actively assembling members and constructing explosive devices to be used in imminent assaults. As part of this operation, the army demolished these structures and eliminated the militants who were involved in their sinister plans.

The South West administration recently announced its intention to launch regular offensives against al-Shabaab in areas under the group’s control.

Last night, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of Somalia reasserted his unwavering determination to rid the country of al-Shabaab militants by the conclusion of 2023. The government is diligently preparing a formidable force comprising 20,000 Somali soldiers to initiate a comprehensive and extensive offensive against this armed extremist group.

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