Shocking! Waaberi Band’s very own Khadra Omar Dhule has sadly departed in Mogadishu!

Breaking news: Somali singer Khadra Omar Dhule has passed away in Mogadishu after an illness! The loss of this renowned songstress has left many devastated and in disbelief. Her sister Sahro Omar Dhule confirmed the news on Facebook earlier today but we have yet to receive further details on the circumstances of Khadra’s death.

This news comes as a shock to fans who have followed Khadra’s journey from her days as a celebrated member of the Waaberi National Band to her later solo stardom in 2005. Her soulful love songs like “Kalgacayl ku waa gobe,” “Dood kulama wadi karo,” and “Wiilyahow Nadaa” captured the hearts of many and made her a revered figure in Somali music.

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But Khadra Omar Dhule’s musical talent was no surprise – she was born into an esteemed musical lineage as the daughter of none other than Omar Dhule Ali, a legendary Somali musician known for his traditional songs, mastery of the Kaban, and exceptional talent in composing music and crafting stories.

This is the second major loss for Somali music in recent times. Last month, we mourned the loss of Amina Abdullahi Hersi, another iconic Somali singer known for her passionate, patriotic songs of love. She passed away in Borama, leaving behind a child with her husband, poet Abdi Adan Haad (Qays).

Both Khadra Omar Dhule and Amina Abdullahi Hersi leave behind legacies of cultural value and musical excellence that will be sorely missed.

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