Seeking Support of Clerics: Somali Prime Minister Calls for Assistance in Combating al-Shabab


Somali Prime Minister Hamse Abdi Barre has urged all Somali Sheikhs to actively participate in the battle against al-Shabab. He made this call during a solemn event commemorating the first anniversary of the devastating twin bombing on October 29, 2022, at the education ministry in Mogadishu.

Prime Minister Barre emphasized the crucial role that scholars, Imams, and Sheikhs play in supporting the government’s efforts to combat al-Shabab. He urged the religious leaders to address the issues caused by this extremist group or provide a platform for other clerics to discuss these challenges.

“There are numerous Sheikhs and Imams delivering sermons in the mosques, yet they have remained silent on the matter of the Khawarij. What are these Sheikhs and Imams conveying to the people? Some of them tend to inflate incidents from other places. To those scholars who are unable to address the problems posed by al-Shabab, I implore you to open the doors of the mosque to those who can tackle these issues,” expressed Prime Minister Hamse Abdi Barre passionately.

Mr. Barre acknowledged the commendable efforts of Somali scholars, Imams, and Sheikhs who have fearlessly spoken out against the terrorists. He recognized their unwavering support for the government’s operations and the local communities bravely fighting against al-Shabaab.

On October 29th of the previous year, 2022, a tragic incident unfolded when two car bombs detonated near a bustling market intersection next to Somalia’s education ministry. This horrifying event claimed the lives of at least 100 individuals and left 300 others wounded. The initial explosion targeted the ministry, while the second blast occurred as ambulances arrived and people gathered to assist the victims.