Security forces successfully prevent a car bomb attack in Mahas district

Security Forces Successfully Prevent A Car Bomb Attack In Mahas District

Tuesday September 5, 2023

Security forces successfully foiled a car bomb attack on the outskirts of the Mahas district in the Hiiraan region on Tuesday, highlighting their efficient performance.

The explosion, which was intended to take place at the district’s entrance, was prevented by the combined efforts of government forces and Ethiopian troops operating under the African Union ATMIS mission. Fortunately, no casualties were reported from the incident, and the responsible group has not come forward.

In a media statement, security officials disclosed that they had prior knowledge of the car bomb plot, allowing them to avert the disaster. Additionally, reports indicate that President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud was addressing the army forces at the exact time of the attempted attack.

This alarming event unfolded while President Hassan Sheikh was leading a military campaign in the Mahas district, personally supervising operations aimed at eradicating the notorious Shabab group.

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