SCC-Khatumo Executive Council gives green light to newly appointed secretaries

Scc-khatumo Executive Council Gives Green Light To Newly Appointed Secretaries

Monday, September 25, 2023

In Las Anod, the Executive Council of the SSC-Khatumo administration convened a meeting on Monday and unanimously expressed confidence in the newly appointed secretaries of the Executive Council.

The leader of SSC-Khatumo, Abdiqadir Ahmed Aw-Ali, who appointed these secretaries on September 12th, attended the oath-taking ceremony along with his deputy and other high-ranking officials from the administration.

This approval from the council follows the recent success of the SCC-Khatumo forces in driving out the Northern Somalia army from the Sool, Sanag, and Ayn areas, which together form SCC-Khatumo. This achievement comes after more than eight months of conflict between the two factions.

The day after the SCC forces captured Northern Somalia’s main base, Gojacade, near Las Anod, Chief Muse Bihi Abdi acknowledged that his forces experienced their most significant setback throughout the eight months of conflict in the vicinity of Las Anod town.

The conflict led to the tragic loss of over 200 lives, predominantly civilians who suffered greatly due to the Northern Somalia army’s bombardments in Las Anod town, the main stronghold of the SCC forces.