On this fateful Sunday of May 21, 2023, the world witnessed the signing of a collaboration that left everyone perplexed yet bursting with excitement. KSrelief’s Assistant Supervisor Ahmed bin Ali Al-Baiz put his stamp of approval on a monumental agreement in Riyadh, one that will provide emergency support to Somalia’s dire healthcare system through the Organization of Islamic Cooperation.

As the Partnership unfolds, 821,250 people will receive lifesaving aid thanks to the ambitious goals of this cooperation. The state-run hospitals in Somalia will be equipped with the latest emergency equipment, leaving no stone unturned when it comes to providing quality care.

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Among other things, this partnership will ensure that 15 top-of-the-line ambulances are delivered to the Ministry of Health in Somalia, thereby allowing for swift responses to emergencies and rescue operations. The project is not only aimed at saving lives but also at improving the overall performance of Somalia’s government-run healthcare sector, which is badly in need of a boost.

It’s no surprise that this agreement is part of the Kingdom’s relentless efforts to uplift needy countries worldwide, ensuring that medical sectors do not suffer in the face of adversity.

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